Equipment Safety System Products


111019 screen small

Generation 3 Load Management System (Gen3-LMS)

The EQSS GEN3-LMS is a load management system designed for use with telescopic handlers. Developed in Australia, it is the most advanced and user friendly load management system to date.

DSC 0939c3

Large Numerical Multi Purpose Load Display (CLND)

The CLND is a large numerical display for industrial weighting systems. When connected into any load sensor it displays the load with an accuracy of 1 Kg via four 2.25" LED digits. Allowing the operator and others around the machine easy access to the loading values. Suitable for truck mounted cranes, maximum load limiting and lifting applications to meet mine spec requirements.

DSC 0775c2

Model 6381 Dual Axes Inclinometer (CDIM)

The EQSS Model 6381 CDIM is a dual axes inclinomter with 0.1 degree resolution and audible buzzer output. Suitable for man platforms.