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Telehandler Load Management System

The Gen3 LMS is our third generation load management system for telehandlers. It allows the operator to work with the rated capacity of the attachment. It shows the operator the current postition within the rating chart on the 7 inch colour screen. It also comes equiped with a reverse camera.

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Crush Guard

Crush Guard®

Secondary Guarding Solution for EWP

The EQSS Model 6252 Crush Guard® is a secondary guard solution for EWPs, which utilises a pressure sensitive trigger spanning across the operator controls.

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Radius/Height Limiter for Elevated Work Platforms

The safe flight pattern limiter restricts the elevated work platform to operate only within the safe working area. It also prevents operation if the carrier is not level.

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Large Numerical Multi Purpose Load Display

The CLND is a large numerical display for industrial weighting systems. When connected into any load sensor it displays the load with an accuracy of 1 Kg via four 2.25" LED digits. Allowing the operator and others around the machine easy access to the loading values. Suitable for truck mounted cranes, maximum load limiting and lifting applications to meet mine spec requirements.

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Dual Axes Inclinometer for Man Platform

The CDIM uses a digital inclinometer with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees to measure the pitch and yaw of the attached carrier. Suitable for small drivable man platforms. It uses an audible alarm to alert the operator when getting close to the angle limit.

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