Gen3 — Introduction

Gen3-LMS Display
Gen3-LMS Display Screenshot
Gen3-LMS Display Overload
Gen3-LMS Display in Overload Screenshot

The Gen3-LMS is a culmination of the current research and development efforts conducted by EQSS. The Gen3-LMS takes advantage of the most recent developments in embedded processing and display technology to provide the most advanced and intuitive system in the market place. The Gen3-LMS has the following features:

  • Sunlight readable High Definition Graphics Display
  • LMI and RCL dual system processing with one single operator display
  • Advanced operator information including rating chart display and dynamic stability triangle
  • Automatic or manual tool selection with operator verification
  • Machine reverse camera and forward blind side camera as standard
  • Wireless dogman (helmet) / job site camera optional for remote load positioning
  • Modern slim line display with high fidelity audio output
  • System status notifications via audio tones or voice messaging
  • User input via automotive dash mounted dial control
  • Automatic fault detection and diagnostic screen
  • Operator identification login as standard via identification card
  • Customisable graphic display skins
  • Data logging functionality of all events and black box data storage redundancy
  • Fast installation time
  • Quick configuration for machine type and language
  • System holds all data for all machines, eliminating the requirements for firmware updates
  • Automatic system calibration via software tools
  • Modular design that can be upgraded with the addition of plug and play modules
  • Modular system architecture with CAN bus interconnection