Gen3 — Cameras

The Gen3-LMS has support for multiple cameras. A reverse camera, a front blind side camera and a portable remote camera.

120430 screen front camera

When a camera is engaged the display layout changes to camera mode. The rating chart and stability triangle are replaced by the camera window. This allows the operator to both view the camera and still have a view of the current load and capacity from the status window. However when an overload event occurs the display will switch back to normal mode to allow the operator to view and analyse the rating chart and stability windows.

 DSC 0604c

The majority of service issues relate to damage to the front right tyre, due to the fact that the boom obscures the operator's view when performing pick and carry operations. To solve this problem a camera is installed to display the view from the front right tyre. When the operator places the machine in forward gear the camera is activated to show any obstructions that the operator may run into.

A third remote camera can be placed anywhere around the machine. It can be placed on the front of the boom to allow the operator to see what they are lifting or it can be placed on the dogman's helmet to allow the operator a view from the dogman's perspective or any other place it is needed.