Generation 3 Load Management System (Gen3-LMS)

The EQSS Gen3-LMS is a load management system designed in Australia for use with telescopic handlers.

It features an on screen rating chart for each attachment. The rating chart is colour shaded depending on the weight of the load. Allowing the telehandler operator to easily see how far the boom can be extended just by lifting the load.

The Gen3-LMS displays the stability triangle of the telehandler. Cross-hairs mark the centre of gravity within the stability triangle. When lifting a load while on a lateral side slope the Gen3-LMS will warn the operator if the boom is raised too high, preventing the telehandler from tipping over the side.

The 7 inch wide screen sunlight readable colour display comes integrated with a reversing camera as standard, as well as a front blind side camera to show past the boom and an optional remote camera mounted on the top of the boom to allow the operator a view of the load with a press of a button.

The Gen3-LMS is a Rated Capacity Limiter (RCL) which when installed with the existing Longitudinal Moment Indicator (LMI) makes the telehandler fully compliant to AS1418.19

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